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Bismillah and enjoy your meal.

Integration and 'also eat well and be at peace with God...

Thisi is the triumph of the integration, the great Italian cuisine conjugated to Islamic rule without betraying the taste of the first and the second spiriturale rigor.

The materials and processes that make lawful alimentation for Muslims in the skillful hands of extraordinary chefs in the third millennium to reconcile Islam and Italian flavor.

We were able to propose the principles of our cuisine, pasta dishes, prepared with the criteria of Muslim tradition, to a large audience of Muslims and non Muslims, paying attention to the spiritual fact can not not conjugated with the quality 'of ingredients, condiments, and scrupulous observance of the most' advanced manufacturing processes.

Trealfieri Halal confronts the market supply pret a manger, with a line in the variety of pasta dishes and recipes of sauces , over the same concept of repetivie fast food and ultimately tedious, and we are sure, be able to satisfy a different question, and also demanding cost-effective and interesting for large retailers, fast-food and school canteens.

The certified halal (Islamically permissible) and guaranteed the same experience of Trealfieri Halal and its partners and is based on impeccablle specification.

The packaging and engaging, but it will be good taste of our customers to give us feedback that we expect with confidence ..

Bismillah and enjoy your meal.