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Tre Alfieri Halal is an innovative food company based in Bologna, Emilia Romagna, which is on the market of the Great International and Modern restaurant, with particular attention to the quality of the ingredients, methods of Islamic Leica and the finished product.



The concept of HALAL

Halāl is an Arabic word which means permitted / allowed. Haram is opposed to the term that indicates what is unlawful, prohibited. The word halal refers to everything that is allowed according to Islam, with particular regard to the rules of power.



Our market philosphy

A real alternative from the fast food, and food too fast (in the sense that still feeds), regardless of the quality and the satisfaction of the palate, and slowfood elitist, difficult to reconcile with the pace of life today ... and its costs. Our proposal plays beautifully in space however limited, between these irreconcilable alternatives innovating in the market segment is now recognized as medium-food.

The tradition of High Quality Italian food made ​​available to the general public, with a range of pasta dishes ready to meet the growing needs of a broad consumer audience often hurried, distracted by no means, certainly always attentive to her welfare and her health.

An offer of high-end gourmet products, respectful of all the different food traditions in a contemporary society in constant and increasing development multietinico and therefore multicultural.